I realized tonight (8/22/14) that I haven’t yet written a post for quilt shows.  It’s fun to attend quilt shows to get inspiration and see products/fabrics/displays from a wider variety of shops.  quilt knit stitch

This fall, mom and I attended the Quilt Knit Stitch Expo here in Portland, OR. Thanks to Deb at Quilter’s Corner Store for the free tickets!

At this particular fair, many vendors had signs about not taking pictures of their displays.  They must have had difficulty of people stealing their designs.  So instead, I tried to pick up flyers and information so I can go back later and look at or purchase patterns.  Here’s some of the interesting sites to check out:

Kay Mackenzie = a friendly lady who helped me with ideas about how to applique.  I told her about my recent attempt (Initially Yours Quilt) and she gave some good advice about going slow and stitching at 90′ around the appliqued design.

Thanks to the reps of Moda for the free mini pack of fabrics and a reminder to visit their bakeshop site for free patterns.

Some great little ideas and colorful projects covered the booth for Pieceful Designs. I especially want to make something like this:

The pattern designers, like Nancy Lorene, are so creative and shops like The Stitchin’ Post are full of ideas.