Welcome to So Sew Gifts by Alicia

So Sew Gifts by Alicia started when I went to my first bazaar at Aloha High School to sell my fabric craft items. I try to show my products once a year at a bazaar, but now you can special order gifts all year on this website.

“…Alicia’s products are unique and beautiful

So Sew Gifts allows you to give colorful, useful, and handmade gifts to friends/family (or to yourself), even if you don’t know how to sew. The products usually are made from cotton fabrics so they are easily washable.

Now taking special orders…have a favorite color or theme? I enjoy looking for fabrics, or I can estimate how much yardage will be used so you can buy your own fabric. I enjoy finding and modifiying patterns to fit the desired outcome. A few friends make requests by sending me ideas on Pinterest and then I figure out how to make it for them.  We can collaborate to make whatever gift you order so it’s one-of-a-kind, just for you!

Please look at my Products page to see some ideas and past projects.