For the 2017 Westside Quilters Guild Challenge Quilt, we are asked to use 10 solid fabrics to create a 36″ square (or smaller) quilt.  It turns out I have almost no solid fabrics in my stash, so together with a friend, we bought a pack of Kona solids from Craftsy.  We divided up the pack so we each have 10 for this challenge plus a few extras for our stash.

Next step is to figure out the pattern I want to use for my challenge quilt.  For awhile I’ve been wanting to make a quilt showing the path of my family moving from Ohio to Oregon.  My parents were both born in Ohio and moved to Oregon before I was born.  They obviously didn’t cross over the “Oregon Trail” officially, but I know there are state blocks and also an Oregon Trail Block.  An idea is born!

Here’s the patterns I decided to use:

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