I’ve been enjoying babywearing as a way to bond with our little guy and also get things done around the house or go out in the world with him safely nearby.  There are lots of DIY babywearing ideas but I started with something simple.

I bought a used Beco Gemini carrier and I don’t love the print on the front.  It also has black straps which really show the drool marks from baby’s new hobby of slobbering over everything.  Time to make covers for the straps near his mouth, called Drool/Suck Pads.

Here’s the link to the pattern I used: http://katieskps.blogspot.com/2015/02/corner-drool-pad-tutorial.html?spref=pi

Here’s the link to a pattern I’m going to check about using on our new Lenny Lamb carrier using wrap scraps: http://www.thebriefcaseco.com/lenny-lamb-pattern/

drool pads 2 drool pads

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